Single Bells, Single Bells. Singling all the way

Now this isn’t a post to complain about being single; hell I love it. Because for the first time in 4 YEARS, I’m single on Christmas.


Now if you do those calculations, the last time this happened I was in 8th grade. This just suddenly came to me while watching SNL currently.

And lately I’ve just been seeing so many posts on facebook and on thought catalog about being alone for the holiday, but I’m not alone. I’m surrounded by love and friends and family. Christmas Eve will be spent at my Aunt’s house with the younglings (Me as the youngest) playing Clue. Christmas Day will be spent at my home where there will be dog love all around. Christmas music played on piano and perhaps flute and absolutely sung.

Not to mention I couldn’t imagine even having a significant other while I’m in college right now. With everything that I barely have time to do, how would I have time for anyone else? I barely see any of my friends as it is since I’m locked in my room doing homework or locked in a practice room working on my flute piece.

Not to mention that I’m a huge believer now of the saying “You can’t love anyone else if you can’t love yourself” and I’m so far from loving myself that I can barely love my eyeliner. And that’s saying something because, as most of my friends know, it’s the only thing I take pride in.

Now this isn’t to say that I don’t have someone I care about, I do. But that’s no one’s business but mine. But I can also say that it’s never going to happen. Alas – it’s for the better good anyways.

Anyways, I just thought that it’s been 4 years since a family-focused holiday. And I think it’s beautiful. Of course, I’m not insulting anyone who is in a relationship during the holidays – I mean, my entire family here is a couple. Well…no actually yeah. That’s true. I’ll be the only one. But anyways, back to my point. Props to anyone who is dating while in college, like damn how are you doing that?

Well, this might be my first rant post on my blog. Have a Happy Holidays everyone and a wonderful Merry Christmas.



About kyrinian

Just an exhausted college student who doesn't like to talk to people in person about what she's thinking.
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