Sometimes I can’t tell if my Psychology Prof. is teaching us or analyzing us.

This past Semester I took a Psychology 111 course with a professor who we will call Dr. K. Now, Dr. K is a part-time professor and his full-time job is working at Prairie Saint Johns. I enjoyed his class so much that I signed up for his Personality Dynamic class next semester once again at 8:00 a.m on Tuesday and Thursdays for an hour and a half. One class hour, I counted how many times he said his signature phrase “You get the picture”. My final tally was 48 times in 1 class hour. I just wanted to dedicate a post to the amazing things that this professor has said during my class.

  1. My hatred of you keeps me coming back (this wasn’t directed at my class, this was something a client of his said to him)
  2. Does that make you uncomfortable?
  3. Stealing candy from a baby is actually really disgusting if you think about where that dirty mouth has been
  4. The reason why the poly glass is there while the baby walks across to their mother is because we don’t really like dropping babies
  5. Teenagers can have a lot of issues when it comes to sexual intercourse. Physically and mentally.
  6. Don’t you miss the good old times when you could run around naked and not worry about society’s morals?
  7. Deep down inside you really want to kill and eat your roommate because you’re hungry, but why don’t you just go to McDonalds?
  8. Eating your roommate is probably much better for your health than McDonalds though
  9. Why did you break into your neighbor’s house and get busted for shoplifting?
  10. And he chased us around the house with a knife, which was a little disconcerting
  11. Rage is like anger on steroids
  12. Kid, Kid, Kid. I shouldn’t put KKK should I?
  13. Our cat has a real obesity problem. Imagine an orange basketball with four legs
  14. Cats can’t be trained because they’re too stupid
  15. You’re far less likely to get sued if your client likes you
  16. You’re happy. It’s finals week. You get to go home, get some Christmas presents, get some cookies, wash some clothes.
  17. Anyone else can answer as well, Hal doesn’t have all of the answers (I go by Hal in this class because there are 4 Halies)
  18. We pay a lot of money to keep people who want to kill us in a building that we think should be comfortable for them.
  19. I don’t even understand Freud
  20. You get the picture

So thank you Professor K. for giving me a daily laugh and becoming part of my “Favorite Persons” list. I can’t wait to come back next semester and see what you to say then. Cheers!


About kyrinian

Just an exhausted college student who doesn't like to talk to people in person about what she's thinking.
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